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Over the last few years the number of students doing the Intermed/ Tabor International Health and Development (IHD) program has remained low. This pattern is not unique to Intermed, and is being experienced by many Christian mission organisations.

The current IHD program with the two-week summer intensive is no longer sustainable, and after a period of review, which included a survey of many previous Intermed participants, Tabor has decided not to continue the program when the current accreditation finishes at the end of 2020. No new enrolments are being accepted and all currently enrolled students will be supported to complete their studies in that time.

But this is not the end of Intermed! Tabor and Intermed have been exploring a number of exciting future opportunities, including accredited study and short courses. The Intermed website will be updated once we have more details to share.


In March 2014, the Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma in International Health and Development was fully accredited for 7 years. A Foundations subject is now offered online in both Semester 2 and the summer semester (10 weeks from late November) with an on-site intensive covering Public Health and Clinical Care for two weeks in January. This will cover 3 of the 4 subjects required for the Graduate Certificate. The Graduate Diploma will require an additional 4 subjects including the Intermed overseas Practicum. Intermed has a Licence Agreement with Tabor to deliver this program. 

Students may also decide to audit the course and Practicum with no accreditation and reduced fees – the original Intermed summer school. In summary, Intermed is offering the same content, delivered by the same team of highly experienced and knowledgeable lecturers.

Immediately following the 2-week intensive in January but only if the minimum required number of students is reached, Intermed will offer an optional 3rd week of more practically focused sessions, which is highly recommended for those intending to do the Supervised Practicum. This 3rd week is currently not part of the accredited program and will be managed by Intermed. For more details see: Intermed Optional 3rd week

In January 2018 we ran the two-week intensive with six students – all doing the accredited program. Intermed and Tabor are committed to running the online Foundations subject during the 2018-19 summer semester and the two-week intensive in January 2019 (see dates below)

For more details of the Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma, including application for credit or audit visit the Tabor website.

Summer School Dates - see IMPORTANT UPDATE JUNE 2020 above

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